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Me and my friend took day off from work and had gone to a movie. Throughout the whole film, het tit was rubbing against my arm in the armrest. She was such a busty petite girl, and so beautiful too. After the movie finished, she invited me over for dinner and a drink at her place; we were talking about work. As we had a couple of drinks, she started to stroke my chest, and I totally get in.

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I kissed her and squeezed the big titted argentine teen Tiffany Lopez, and lucky enough, I called her a friend. This petite blonde chick gave me a wonderful blowjob and I fucked her so hard. She then stroked my big sausage cock so hard until I had cum on her face and tits.

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There were a lot of hot and cute freshmen this year in our college. But the big titted Kitty Bella was always admired by boys and I took used to jerk off thinking about this busty small girl, although I would never tell her to her face. As time passed, we became good friends and one day she asked me to come over to help her with some homework.

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As soon as I got there, the sexy busty brunette babe was on the bed and she gave me a seductive look which turned me on, and I understood what her intentions behind my visit were. I slowly approached and kissed her so passionately. We then undressed ourselves and started making out in her room. I would say her big tits sure made my dick even harder. I loved each and every minute I spent with her, and I got to watch her ride, with her tits on my face, and her beautiful pussy creampied on my dick.

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I had always felt horny about big titty Electra Rose, who had been my student for half the semester. She was pretty good in my subject too, but one day, she failed in her exam; not one single answer made sense. She got so worried and had approached me to sort it out, I knew that this was a one-time thing. Since no one was around, this was my chance to fuck this big tits petite teen. I slowly started to seduce her by telling ” There is sure one thing that can be done”.

I could guess, this made her horny and she kissed me hard right away. She was wild and took my pants off and sucked my cock so hard. I was so erect I bent her over and slowly I started to fuck this busty petite girl. She loved it so much when I fucked her in missionary position. I could see her tits bouncing hard. Later, I had cum on her big tits.

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I was seduced by a beautiful blonde Madison Scott several times, but I never gave in. Since there were a lot of people around I wasn’t able to fuck this teen slut. The right time came when the school was over early. She came inside my cabin and started to strip. This made me so horny, I took this chance to fuck this busty young small girl.

She had such nice big bouncy boobs I would love to play with all the time. She passionately sucked my cock hard and gave me a good pull on the nuts. I then made her lie down on my table, spread her legs wide open and started to fuck her like a slave, I could see she liked it rough. This big titted amateur girl sure did know how to make me cum hard, so did I on her face.

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I am the coach of the college football team. I used to train my girls real hard and I couldn’t find any time alone for myself since I was so held up with training sessions. During a recent match, one of the cheerleaders caught my attention. She was none other than the big titted Megan Monroe with those juicy bouncy juggs. She caught me several times staring at her boobs.

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When the game ended and we won, we celebrated the victory and sometime after I went to the changing room. As soon as I entered, she was there, standing naked in front of me. I couldn’t control my boner and took my cock out; started fucking this big big tits petite girl. I fucked her so hard and the outcome was I had the blonde chick facialized, a nasty cumshot surprise. Her pretty face soaked in my cum.

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Here I am with yet another sex story with another cheerleader. This busty cheerleader Halia Hill, had caught me red handed while I was masturbating in the changing room. I hid my cock under my pants as soon as I saw her staring at it. This busty petite walked slowly towards me, took off my pants and started to suck on my cock. This made me so horny I couldn’t even push her away.

I then made lay down on the bench and started to fuck her hard. I was so hard that she screamed out of pleasure. I then fucked her in the ass which made her even hornier and I had cum so hard on her tits, and she cleaned it up and finger fed herself my cum.

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I was a good teacher and every one at the school liked me, but I hadn’t realized how much!  Everyone would complement my teaching which made encouraged me more and each one was supportive too. Once, when a student of mine flunked an exam, I made sure that I have her do well in the next exam, so I did and succeeded in it.

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After the school was over, the big tits beautiful exotic chick Charley Chase was half naked and gave me one crazy look. Since no one was around, I took this chance to fuck this busty brunette so hard. She was so good at sucking my cock which turned me even hornier. I then fucked her in a lot of positions and made her squirt all over me. Later I shot a load on her face so had and she said “Thank you for helping me pass this upcoming test”.

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I loved to attend my English classes, when this tattooed blonde Morgan Layne was teaching. I used to jerk off a lot thinking about this big tits petite beauty. She sure would make a dead man erect! One day, after the class, I approached her to ask her some doubts regarding the portions that she taught. This was my chance to fuck this petite big tits babe.

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I slowly seduced her by giving her a neck massage and I would say she was so turned on. I slowly slid my hands inside her clothes and she was enjoying it. She then undressed my ass and sucked my freaky big cock so hard, down to my balls. I made her lay down on the table and licked her pussy wet. Later, I fucked her so hard and I couldn’t resist her hot body so there was no way to go than to cum hard on her pretty face.

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The college staff had shared a complaint regarding this cute face Amy Valor since she used to cut classes a lot. I had called her to my office one day to sort things out. She didn’t want her parents to know about this so this big boobs petite girl stood up and slowly stroked my chest to compensate her act.
This was my chance, and slowly kissed her and I undressed her. Those big tits really made me so hard and I couldn’t wait long. So I started to fuck her hard. I gave this big tits escape punishment option, she took it. She then took my cock out and sucked it hard. I had cum all over her face and then she promised me that she would be a good girl thereby.

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I always masturbated hard thinking about this busty petite beauty in the office. She was so damn sexy and no man would give thumbs down.  One day, this horny blonde secretary Savanah Gold came to my cabin to get some documents. When she bent down to grab a file, I stared at her big ass and was caught red handed staring at it. She smirked at me and came near and said “I know exactly what you want”.

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Those words really turned me on. She then kneeled down and started sucking my big cock. I needed to fuck this Big tits blonde slut so hard and shot my war milk inside her pussy. She seemed to have really enjoyed it and it was indeed a daring sex with other employees around.

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